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World's Largest manufacturer of Silica Ramming Mass

At Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd., we take pride in our position as the world’s largest manufacturer of Silica Ramming Mass. Silica ramming mass is a high-purity refractory material used to line induction furnaces, shielding them from extreme temperatures and chemical reactions during metal melting, while offering strong thermal and mechanical durability.

In technical collaboration with JWK AB Sweden, we’ve been supplying our superior products to both big capacity plants across India and to over 35+ countries worldwide. Our journey has been defined by our commitment to exceptional product quality and the non-linear cost and productivity benefits we bring to steel, foundry, and casting plants.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the largest exporter and the only pan-India supplier of ramming mass amongst an unorganised and fragmented market. We supply our products across India and the world, with many distinguished steel manufacturers and foundries being our customers.

Our robust manufacturing, extensive research and development prowess, superior quality products, financial acumen, and a strong brand name form the cornerstone of our operations.

Our Value Proposition


We offer tailor-made solutions based on client plant parameters, ensuring higher heats. We’re the only player in the industry with such capability.

Onsite Technical Trials

Our engineers visit steel plants for on-site trials, providing valuable installation know-how and productivity insights.

Productivity Enhancement

Our products, combined with on-site installation, prove our proposition of higher heats and productivity enhancement.

Cost Reduction

This productivity enhancement comes at no additional electricity cost, a significant factor for steel plants.

Assured Supply

With our large production plant and the best technology, we assure continuous supply.

Client Guidance

We offer tailored solutions for clients facing issues with the application and quality of ramming mass, considering their plant and raw material composition. Our goal is to help enhance productivity and resolve any related problems.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility


Adding 1,08,000 MT capacity, taking our consolidated capacity to 2,88,000 MT per annum, further cementing our global leadership.

SORT EX Technology

Implementing our major R&D breakthrough, this tech elevates product quality.

Next Generation Automation

Our new plant features world-class equipment and automation developed by us, producing the highest quality ramming mass ever made.

Ultra Heat and Benefits

Higher heats mean even higher benefits to our clients, giving us premium pricing & penetration in underdeveloped markets.

Expandable Capacity

The plant is designed for easy capacity expansion.

Strategic Location

Our units capitalize on a prime location near abundant quartz reserves, optimizing ramming mass production and raw material access.

Our Milestones